Day Ditch Drainage Improvements, The Watershed Initiative

The City of Sheffield Lake will begin an extensive improvement project along Day Ditch. The project begins at our southern corporation limit (rail road) and continues north to Ferndale Park. The project will intersect properties along Day Ditch at Belle, Brockley, Knickerbocker, Holl and Forestlawn. The scope of the project will include removal of trees, vegetation, obstructions and debris from the watercourse. The project will include installation of rock channel protection, erosion control mats and specific plantings of low growing plants/grasses. In gaining access to this city easement, fencing will be removed. The city will restore fencing, once complete, and in certain cases install new fence.

This project, The Watershed Initiative, is designed to improve area drainage, curb flooding and enhance environmental impacts to Lake Erie from storm water runoff. The project has been in process for approximately two years to accommodate funding, design and cooperative work with the Village of Sheffield, The Lorain County Metroparks and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The project is scheduled to begin in late October/early November and will continue into the winter months as dictated by weather. In spring the project will conclude with planting, restoration and any components otherwise affected by winter weather. 

Should you have any comments/concerns please contact the city c/o Patrick Hastings, Superintendent at 440-949-6259 or email

The contractor awarded this conservation project is:

Haynes Construction                                                                                                          3130 State Route 18 E.
Norwalk, Ohio 44857
(419) 663-2457