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103rd O.V.I.

The City of Sheffield Lake is situated on the southern shore of Lake Erie, at the eastern end of an industrial recreation area known as Ohio’s “Golden Crescent.” Thus, this pleasant residential community of approximately 9,500 citizens benefits from it’s proximity to both work and play while maintaining it’s distinct, “hometown” character.

Sheffield Lake grew from small farming settlements, pioneered by New Englanders, moving to the great “Western Reserve.” Even today, these roots can be seen in the architecture of the homes that have survived from the community’s youthful days. Settlement began in 1815, and by 1824, the homesteaders were able to incorporate Sheffield Township. Lakeshore land that would become Sheffield Lake languished until the advantages for viniculture, dairying and fishing drew early settlers from nearby river settlements.

In 1920, residents voted to remove themselves from Sheffield Township and incorporated the city. From the establishment of the city until the end of World War II, Sheffield Lake remained a community based on farming and the resort trade. Then, the post-war prosperity fueled a boom of growth that increased the population tenfold. Sheffield Lake retains it’s unique atmosphere. With excellent transportation facilities and proximity to the Interstate Route 2, we are only five minutes from Lorain, and twenty-five minutes from Cleveland. The City is a convenient home for workers from these industrial and recreational centers. More, the City’s location on America’s “North Coast” provides both for a moderate climate and many recreational activities. Throughout it’s history, Sheffield Lake has proven to be a desirable place to live by retaining it’s residential character while providing the services and amenities of urban life.

Picture courtesy of the 103rd O. V. I.  (1910)

Sheffield Lake Village City Hall
Lake Road

Photo Donated by Thomas Jordan