Limited Environmental Review Availability Notice

The Ohio EPA, through the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) program, is considering funding a wastewater improvements project in Sheffield Lake, Ohio, which is subject to environmental reviewrequirements. The proposed project is expected to be funded in August 2018, and consists of improvements to the city’s three wastewater pump stations.

Project Description: According to the City of Sheffield Lake, the proposed Pump Stations Rehabilitation Project entails the purchase and installation of equipment (bar screens, rails, cranes, eight pumps, flow meters, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition [SCADA] systems panels, emergency transfer switches, and electrical and cellular data networks), and safety enhancements (gas detectors) at each of the city’s three pump stations. The largest of these pump stations needs four new pumps, while the two other smaller stations need two pumps each. Overall, the proposed project’s construction was estimated in December 2017 to cost about $1,190,300 and to take about three to four months to complete. The map below shows the locations of the city’s three pump stations at 3740 Tennyson Ave, 4291 Lake Road, and 4851 Lake Road:

As Ohio EPA will issue a Limited Environmental Review (LER) document and an accompanying Final Finding of No Significant Impact (FNSI) on this project, this notice is to advise the public that it will have through August 31, 2018 in which to access the LER. This public information period will begin with the release of the document to the public at the city’s offices, Ohio EPA’s web site, and distribution of the document to interested parties.

Upon its release, the LER document may be viewed at either: the city’s main offices located at 609 Harris Road, Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054; the city’s website; or on Ohio EPA’s Division of  nvironmental and Financial Assistance (DEFA) website at:

Once there, please scroll down to the “Documents Available for Review and Comment” heading at the bottom of the linked page. Then, please click on the WPCLF Documents for Review and Comment heading to see a list of documents available for downloading. A copy of the referenced LER will be posted there. On the other hand, if you would like to receive either an electronic copy via email, or a paper copy of the document via U.S. mail, please contact Kevin Hinkle of Ohio EPA at either: or (614) 644-3712.