Pump Station Rehabilitation Project


Public Comment Period and Who to Contact for More Information

The City of Sheffield Lake appreciates your review of the following project fact sheet and is interested in hearing from you.  If you have any questions, concerns, or comments on the information presented in this fact sheet, please list them on the form provided and return the form to Mr. Patrick Hastings, Superintendent, City of Sheffield Lake, 4750 Richelieu Ave. Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054 by June 11, 2018. A representative of the City will respond to your concerns.  Or, if you prefer to provide verbal comments, please contact Mr. Hastings at his office at 440-949-6259 between 8:00am and 4:00pm.  You may also email your comments to Mr. Hastings at phastingslead@gmail.com

Upon completion of the 30 day comment period on this fact sheet and reporting to Ohio EPA’s Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance on the results, the City will have met its responsibilities for notifying the public about the proposed project and funding through Ohio EPA’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) program, as well as involving the public in its decision-making process.

All written and verbal comments on this fact sheet will be responded to during the 30-day public comment period, and will become part of the participation record sent to Ohio EPA’s Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance.  Recipients of this fact sheet may also request a copy of the Ohio EPA’s environmental review document on this project and its proposal to finance the project through the WPCLF program.


The City of Sheffield Lake’s project includes plans to replace existing equipment in each of our three (3) sewage lift stations with financial assistance from the Ohio EPA-WPCLF.  See figure 1 for the location of the proposed improvements.

According to City officials, the purpose of this project is to replace equipment in each of the city’s three (3) pump stations. More specifically, eight (8) pumps- four (4) in station one, two (2) in station two and two (2) in station three- will be replaced.  Additionally, support equipment including flow meters, gas detectors, emergency transfer switching and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) will be replaced. Current equipment was installed approximately twenty (20) years ago and is reaching, or has met, its useful life.  Our three pumping stations facilitate moving the entire sewage of the City, through a series of lifts stations, to treatment in the City of Lorain.

Project Description

Sheffield Lake Pump Station Improvements will include replacement of the aforementioned equipment at three pumping stations located at 3740 Tennyson Ave, 4291 Lake Rd and 4851 Lake Rd.  Eight (8) existing pumps will be replaced with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) pumps. This upgrade will utilize technology for pumping capabilities to match flow characteristics of sewage.  Additionally, gas detection equipment which measures combustible gas, oxygen, and carbon monoxide will be updated. Circuit boards, transfer switches, fuses and additional electrical equipment will be updated.  SCADA equipment will be installed, replacing telephone communication functions. Finally, safety improvements, including I beams (used for hoisting pumps) expanded steel supports and collection screens will be replaced.

Project Costs and Financial Effects

Based on our engineers estimate the project will cost $968,716.00. Currently the City has submitted the application to the OEPA’s WPCLF program. At present, the WPCLF standard interest rate is 2.15%. WPCLF fixed interest rates are determined using the 2011-2015 American Community Survey data set and are set monthly.  Current (2011-2015) estimates show that Sheffield Lake has a population of 9,063 and a median household income of $54,274.

In 2012, the City increased water and sewer rates, specifically designating $2.00 per account to address the critical needs for infrastructure improvements.  These increases were in addition to base rate increases, designed, in part to meet operational and maintenance needs of the utility.  Additionally, the utility charges per one hundred cubic feet of wastewater or fraction thereof, and recalculates annually additional sewer charges per hundred cubic feet equal to a percentage increase charged to the City of Sheffield Lake by the city of Lorain.  In summary, treatment, operational costs, maintenance, and capital improvements projects, such as this proposal are expressed as a $4.00 base charge, $2.34 capital improvement charge, and a per unit fee of $3.59. Metered water usage is the basis calculated for billing each end point for sewer. In 2018, the average household monthly sewer charges in Sheffield Lake are projected at $31.38/month.

Moving forward, the City of Sheffield Lake has yet to be notified of a percentage increase, for treatment, from the City of Lorain, in FY 2018. The City of Sheffield Lake, however, has identified the following, modest, increases over the next two years. In 2019 the CI will increase $.33 and the per unit charge will increase 4%. In 2020, the CI charge will increase $.33 again and the per unit, an additional 4%. 

Implementation Schedule

Having been included on the intended project list, the City has prepared and by order of City Council, submitted our application for funding. Concurrently, the City is working with Bramhall Engineering to complete design/plans for the project. The City has collected necessary equipment costs and necessary lead time. The entire process includes review from OEPA in regards to funding, plan review, public input and necessary permits. The schedule, therefore, is:

  • Submit a compete loan application, including financial information and certified legislation authorizing borrower to enter into a loan agreement {Complete}
  • Submit site title opinion letter {Complete}
  • Submit approvable facilities planning information {Complete}
  • Advertise for and open construction bids {May 2018}
  • Submit bid information to DEFA {May/June 2018}
  • Construction loan award {June/July 2018}
  • Estimated initiation of Operation date {September/October 2018}

Summary of Expected Construction Impacts

We anticipate construction to commence in late summer 2018 and continue through the summer months.  Residents are welcome to attend our Roads & Drains meetings at City Hall. They are held the first Monday of each month. Since construction is contained to the three (3) individual buildings, construction impacts are expected to be minimal. Construction crews will be responsible to comply with construction/post construction guidelines outlined by city ordinance. City officials expect that this project will not result in any adverse environmental impacts.  Any effects can be addressed by routine mitigated measures to control impacts to surface water, floodplains, terrestrial habitats, air quality, noise and traffic levels, worker safety, energy use and other important environmental attributes.  Readers should note that Ohio EPA will review the contract documents for this project to assure that these minimal components are included, and to prevent any short-term impact from becoming significant, lone-term concerns.

Public Comment Sheet

Based on the information presented in the project fact sheet, do you have any concerns that the City should address?  If so, please list them below.  The City will respond to your comments which will become part of the public record on this project.  Comments must be received by June 11, 2018.

Or you can send your comments to:
Mr. Patrick Hastings, Superintendent
4750 Richelieu Ave   Sheffield Lake Ohio  44054
Email:    phastingslead@gmail.com
Telephone:  440-949-6259