Republic Services response to delayed service

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Sheffield Lake for
their patience during the most recent weather event and holiday schedule. We
know how difficult collection schedule changes are for everyone involved.

We take the safety of our employees and customers very seriously and review
every aspect of the conditions when we make the decision. The holiday delay
created some additional challenges for us as well. After this most recent event,
we feel it is important to provide the steps we follow in communication to the city
and its residents. To help communication be more effective in future inclement
weather events we ask for your assistance moving forward.

When the decision is made to delay or suspend service due to a weather event,
we use multiple forms of communication. The first is with the city and at the
same time we complete what we refer to as a call blast or reverse 911. This is to
let every resident and customer know what is happening and when we will be
there to complete the missed service. It is very important that we have contact
information for everyone that is affected. We understand that people may be
hesitant to provide that information, but it is difficult for us to contact you if we
do not have it. Our role is to support the city leaders and provide as much
information as we can on their behalf.

We have worked with the Mayor and Service Director to provide the following
process to obtain contact information from any resident that would like to
provide it. Please call 440-458-5191 and let the agent know you would like to add
your phone number to your account. Then provide your name and address and
the procedure will be complete.

We value our relationship with the City of Sheffield Lake. We hope this new
communication tool will help us avoid any confusion in the future.

Thank you,
Republic Services