Safe Transaction Zone


The Sheffield Lake Police department will be a participating department in the county wide Transaction Safe Zone. This program provides a safe place for persons to show, inspect or purchase items for sale on e-commerce sites such as Craigslist.

The following guidelines will be in place for persons wishing to use the Sheffield Lake Police Department parking lot as a safe zone to conduct their transactions.

The Sheffield Lake Police Department front parking lot only is available for use to you. This parking area is under video surveillance.

We request that meetings be done only in daylight hours, no appointment is necessary to meet in our parking lot.

Notifying the on-duty dispatcher that you are meeting in the police department parking lot is not required, however highly suggested for your safety.

It will not be normal procedure for an officer to be present or stand by during a meeting or transaction however individual requests will be handled on a case by case basis, such as transactions involving a large amount of cash.

Sale of guns will not be permitted on the police department grounds.

No other service will be offered as part of this program, such as notary service, money counting or counterfeit detection, no items will be checked through any department computer system or data base for stolen, these data bases are for criminal justice purposes only.

If you have concern that an item you are considering purchasing may be stolen it is suggested you pass on the purchase.

Loitering in the department parking lot will be strictly prohibited.