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Parks and Recreation

The City Of Sheffield Lake’s 10 Parks are maintained and operated under the guide of the City Of Sheffield Lake Park Board, a decision making body created by the city charter. Two part time employees support the goals of the parks in various needs and perform day to day operations. Seasonal summer help has also been utilized.  Currently, recreation events are sponsored by the City Of sheffield Lake Park Board.

A pro-active approach to the use and development of the Sheffield Lake Park System pays close attention to our location along the south shore of Lake Erie, Ohio’s greatest natural resource. Together with a regional view of understanding, the Sheffield Lake Park board strives to bring this resource and it’s benefits not only to the people of our community, but the surrounding region and state as well.

Following an adopted master plan, the City Of Sheffield Lake has achieved the development of a Boat Launch, the chartering of a process to redevelope our central commercial lakefront district, with multi-use bicycle/pedestrian trails and routes intermingling throughout the city’s parks, lakefront, points of interest and local destinations. The Park Board, City Council and Administration openly employ a policy of exploring joint cooperation with other political subdivions in making The City Of Sheffield Lake, a doorway to Ohio’s greatest natural resource, Lake Erie.

City of sheffield Lake Park Board    440-949-8590

Parks Department  440-949-6259


updated August 29, 2011