Mayor Dennis Bring is a lifelong resident of Sheffield Lake. He is a graduate of Brookside High School where he lettered in basketball. Prior to being elected Mayor in 2011, he served on City Council for eight years and the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Board of Education for four years. Given his elected positions, including Mayor, are part-time, he also works as Northern Ohio Territory Manager for CLEM Lumber and Distributors (15 years) and was Manager of Abbe Road Lumber for 23 years. Mayor Bring is married to Kim and they have two adult sons, who also graduated from Brookside.

Duties of the Mayor

As established in the City Charter, the Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City, and also serves as Safety Director. The Mayor serves as the chief spokesperson for the City and serves as its principal representative. The Mayor supervises the administration of all departments. The Mayor is responsible for developing and managing the City’s annual budget, recommends legislation and resolutions for consideration by City Council, executes contracts on behalf of the City, and serves on the Planning Commission where the City’s Master Plan is developed in collaboration with resident appointees. The Mayor recommends appointments to the City’s various Commissions and regularly attends those meetings as well as meetings of City Council committees.

The position is part-time and the salary is set by City Council-approved ordinance. Elections for the position is held every four years.

Contact the Mayor

Contact the Mayor at City Hall: 440 949-5141 or email He has an open door policy, but given the position is part-time, asks that residents who would like to meet, schedule an appointment by contacting him via email.

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