As more people have become interested in walking, biking and enjoying the outdoors, the city has installed trails to make it easier for them to exercise, enjoy nature and visit the lake and the city’s lakefront parks.

Brookside Nature Trail

The Brookside Nature Trail begins at the covered bridge on Lake Road and connects to the Lorain County Metro Parks, Sheffield Lake Reservation at the south end of the city. The asphalt trail intersects Ferndale Park, is just over a mile in length and accommodates walkers, runners and cyclists.

In 2020, the city won a $200,000 grant to expand the width of an existing bike path along Lake Road beginning at Shoreway Shopping Center and Domonkas Library on the city’s far west side running east to the covered bridge at Sheffield Road and near the existing Brookside Nature Trail. The wider path accommodates walkers and cyclists, while keeping them safe from car and truck traffic.

Lincoln Nature Trail

The Lincoln Trail begins at Volunteer Field, home for Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Youth Baseball, 4840 Oster Road, at the city’s southern border with Sheffield Village. It runs north parallel to Irving Park on an undeveloped paper street named Lincoln Blvd. The path will pass through the city’s Gary Green Park, continue north, then jog slightly west at Madison Ave., and connect to Treadway Blvd. where it will come out onto Lake Road. The city’s popular Shell Cove Park is across Lake Road, about a block east.

Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail

The Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail is a scenic byway weaving along the southern shore of Lake Erie for 293 miles, connecting communities between Toledo and Conneaut. In Sheffield Lake, it runs along Lake Road.

Travelers from outside the city are encouraged to experience beaches, parks, preserves, lighthouses, vacation islands, quaint villages and big cities along this stretch. In addition, they can take advantage of fishing, biking, boating, birding or simply enjoying the spectacular beauty of Lake Erie. They’re encouraged to stop by shops and restaurants along the way as well.