Meet Building Inspector Thomas Melbar

I have been with the City since 2016 first starting as the Property Maintenance Officer and moving in 2018 int the Residential Building Inspector position. I have spent most of my life in Sheffield Lake and graduated from Brookside High School.

I have been involved in the building trades since I was 15 years old when I started as an HVAC apprentice and quickly moved into the electrical, plumbing and building trades.

I also serve as the Zoning Administrator.  

I am always ready to try and answer any questions you may have or be able to get the correct answer for you. I enjoy dealing with our residents and try to make our City a great place to live.

The Building Department is responsible for ensuring that homes, businesses and municipal buildings and properties are safe, sturdy and meet standards as determined by city ordinance and building standards. The department is certified by the Ohio Board of Building Standards.

Making improvements

Some improvements to a property require an owner to obtain approval of plans through the city’s planning or zoning commissions. Please determine if this affects you when considering a new build, additions or major renovations to an existing property or lot. The Building Department can assist you. Call 440 949-5767.

In some situations, approvals and permits are obtained from planning or zoning commissions and city council. This includes rental properties as well as owner-occupied dwellings and commercial buildings. Even if you plan to do the renovation yourself, a permit for certain types of work is required.

Examples of work requiring a permit includes, roof and gutter installation and replacement; basement waterproofing; sewer and water line replacement; concrete or asphalt work; water heater installation; electrical wiring; sidewalk repair or replacement; furnace and air conditioning installation or replacement; swimming pools, uncovered decks or patios.

We urge residents and business owners to contact the building department before contracting for or beginning any major work to determine whether permits and inspections are required. Please phone the building department M-F 9 a.m.-3 p.m. to have your questions answered 440-949-5767.

Contractor registration

Contractors performing work in the city are required to register annually. Those who are found working on a property without proper registration will be fined. This is done in the best interest of residents to help reduce risk of poor workmanship. Contractor registration form can be found below.

Selling a property

When a property is sold, the city requires a Point of Sale (POS) inspection before title is transferred to the new owner. As part of the POS inspection, sidewalks must be installed and/or in good condition. If sidewalks are needed, money must be escrowed with the City of Sheffield Lake to ensure sidewalks are repaired or replaced per city ordinance 903.01(a).

Any amounts due to the water department must also be paid in full before property title transfers per chapter 935 of the city’s codified ordinances.

Finally, the city will inspect the roof, gutters and downspouts and general condition of the property including that electric meets code (100 amp service) per city ordinance 1345.01.

A fee of $40 is charged for this inspection and the city reserves the right to inspect anytime for up to 10 days from receipt of a request.

Exterior Property Maintenance

To maintain and enhance the quality of life and safety for residents and project a positive overall appearance of the community, the city has established property maintenance ordinances. The city strives to work with residents to assist and encourage them to maintain their homes in proper condition so as to avoid a property being designated a public nuisance.

Hours of operation: M-F 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Contact: or (440) 949-5767