About your monthly services bill

All homes and businesses receive a bill each month for water, sewer and waste disposal services. The bill is sent to the property owner, but owners who rent their properties may also authorize a copy of the bill be sent to their tenants by completing this form: duplicate services bill request.


You’ll see several abbreviations on your bill that cover your actual useage as well as costs for maintaining, repairing and replacing the city’s aging sewer and waterlines, some of which are over 100 years old.

CIS (Capital Improvement Sewer) – this fee pays for maintenance of city sanitary sewers, as well as three pump stations that move sewage from your homes and businesses to the waste treatment center in Lorain. In recent years, the city has spent significant time and dollars upgrading the city’s aging system and will continue to make upgrades and maintain the 188,000 linear feet of sewers across Sheffield Lake.

CIW (Capital Improvement Water) – this fee pays for maintenance and replacement of waterlines throughout the city to ensure safe, clean water reaches homes and businesses. This system is also aging and work is regularly scheduled to maintain, repair, replace aging pipes and connections.

STW (Storm Water Utility) – this fee covers the cost of operation, management, maintenance, repair, construction, reconstruction, enlargement and/or replacement of the city’s 101,000 linear foot storm drainage system.

WCIM (Water Capital Improvement Meter) – this fee pays for the installation, replacement and maintenance of the remote water meter at each home and business. In addition, it covers the software and technical supports required to run the automated meter system.


Water Water consumption includes a $6.75/monthly base fee covering the first 99 cubic feet of water. Thereafter, water consumption is billed at $2.79 per hundred cubic feet. The City of Sheffield Lake purchases bulk water from Avon Lake Regional Water. On average the city consumes more than 233 million gallons of water a year.

Sewer Sanitary waste sewage treatment includes a $4.20/month base fee and an additional $5.23 per hundred cubic feet of metered waste water. The City of Sheffield Lake pumps all sewage to Lorain’s Black River Wastewater Treatment Plant (BRWWT). On average, the city pumps a little over 300 million sewage gallons a year.

Notable increases to sewage treatment were reflected in the July 2022 bill due to an increase in cost passed onto the City of Sheffield Lake by the BRWWT plant. The last increase was in 2017. Neighboring communities using the plant also saw increases in their fees this year.

Refuse The city contracts garbage collection through Republic Services. In 2021, residents recycled more than 1.5 million pounds in addition to general refuse picked up each Friday through our cart system. If you have service issues such as cart replacement or a missed pickup, contact Republic Services at 440-458-5191.