Accepting Applications for Ward 2 Councilperson

The City of Sheffield Lake is currently accepting resumes for appointment to the vacant position of Ward 2 Councilperson for the balance of the unexpired term ending December 31, 2025. Deadline to submit is January 26, 2024. Please email to


No person shall be eligible to be a member of Council unless he shall have been continuously a resident and qualified elector for two (2) years in the Municipality. Any member of Council elected or appointed from a particular ward shall, in addition, have been a resident of the ward from which he is elected or appointed for at least one (1) year immediately prior to his election, and shall continue to remain a resident of such ward during the remainder of his term. Except that if the ward boundaries should change during his term thereby affecting his residency the two year residency requirement within the ward shall be waived.

(Amended 11-7-67; 11-7-78)

No person elected or appointed to Council shall continue to serve as a member unless during his term of office he shall continuously be a resident and qualified elector of this Municipality. (Adopted 11-7-61)

No member of Council shall hold any other municipal office or municipal employment in the City of Sheffield Lake either compensated or not, except as otherwise provided in this Charter, and except that of Notary Public, member of the State Militia, National Guard or Reserve Corps of the United States.

(Amended 11-7-67)

No member of Council shall, directly or indirectly, solicit, contract for, receive or be interested in any profit or emolument from or on account of any contract, job, work or service with, or for, the Municipality.

Any member who ceases to possess any of the foregoing qualifications herein shall forfeit his office. Council may declare void any contract made by the Municipality in which any member is, or may become interested.