Candidates for Ward 4 Council post sought

The City is accepting resumes for appointment to the Ward 4 Council position, vacated last week by the resignation of Mark Erdei, who is ill and unable to serve out his term. The appointment will run through December 31, 2023. Deadline for resume submission is Friday, Mar. 17, 2023. Resumes can be submitted by email to:

In order to be considered, interested individuals must meet criteria, set by Sheffield Lake’s Charter, including:

They have been continuously a resident and qualified elector in Sheffield Lake for two years.

They have been a resident of Ward 4 for at least one year immediately prior to applying.

They must remain a resident of Ward 4 during the remainder of the term in office.

They cannot hold any other municipal office or employment in Sheffield Lake, compensated or not.

Law Director David Graves said the City Charter also requires the appointee to file as a write-in candidate for this November’s General Election if he or she wishes to serve the balance of the council term which runs through Dec. 31, 2025.