City response to Aug. 23 storm damage

Service department crews have worked through the night to alleviate street and yard flooding that occurred during torrential downpours Wednesday evening, Aug. 23 and continue today, Aug. 24.

The electric company was contacted about the urgent need to restore electricity for residents.

We have heard varying reports about how much rain has fallen, some are saying 5 inches, others report more than 7 inches, and we know more rain is in store. Every nearby community is experiencing similar challenges with loss of power, flooded basements and streets, downed trees and power lines. We have heard that cars were actually carried away by the force of water in Lorain and Interstate 90 was closed and stranded motorists were rescued via water craft.

We are working as fast as possible and ask residents to please be patient. If you are out driving, take great care as there is surface water across area roadways. As storms today produce lightning and flooding, please take all necessary precautions to be safe.