Fall leaf pick up begins

Curbside leaf pick up is about to begin, with service department crews working from the east to the west sides of the city. There is no specific schedule for an individual street because weather and volume of leaves being picked up impacts the schedule.

Please keep these points in mind:

  • Leaves should be placed on the tree lawn, not in the street.
  • Pile leaves away from storm drains, mailboxes, and parked cars.
  • Landscape rocks, bricks and other solid yard debris should be placed in separate piles for pick up on Fridays by Republic Services. This prevents damage to equipment and injuries for workers.
  • Branches can be chipped. Leave them separated from leaves and other yard waste. Call 440-949-6259 to request the city stop by to chip them.
  • The city will pick up leaves, weather permitting, through December.
  • Leaves not collected by then should be bagged in brown paper yard bags and left at curbside for pick up by Republic Services on Friday throughout the year.