A Letter From The Mayor

Welcome to the Sheffield Lake website!  I invite you to browse this site now, and to return as often as you like to find new updates on city business and in-town events.   Having been a resident of Sheffield Lake for the greater part of my life, I am proud to serve the citizens of this community and am grateful for your continued support.

As your mayor, it has been my challenge to successfully navigate Sheffield Lake through a trying financial period caused in part by changes in state funding, new EPA requirements and the ongoing national recession.  It has been necessary to hold a tight rein as we suddenly lost expected funding, and the ability to maintain services.  I am most grateful for your support and passage of Issue 23.  Please rest assured that the promises made during that campaign are being fulfilled and include the hiring of more firemen, policemen and dispatchers for the safety of our community.  In addition to personnel, I have authorized purchase of maintenance equipment for the parks and new police cars (supporting our Ford workers), and have turned to focusing on improving and maintaining our buildings, offices and deteriorated parking lots.  One of my goals has been to yearly upgrade neighborhood streets with an ongoing plan to improve drainage issues, investing $1 million dollars during my first term.

Because we are a community of many young families with children, a goal of mine has been to focus on improvements to our parks and recreational activities including the addition of more internal nature trails with planned connections to the Lorain County Metro Parks and the addition of trail head kiosks, park benches, and trash cans along our present walking trail between Lake Road and Ferndale. It has been a pleasure to see the rebirth of recreation programs with joint support of residents and council such as summer crafts, movie nights, the Picnic in the Park and drama clubs programs.  Planned improvements to parks will include new pavilions and a potential destination spot for skateboarding/competition biking. Continued efforts for superior Lake Erie access for boaters and safe beaches with water quality testing and signage in a joint effort with the Lorain County Health Department will bring more people and businesses into our community.

Shoreway Shopping Center, while separately funded and maintained, remains in control of the City of Sheffield Lake.  While much still needs to be done, a new approach from total redevelopment has been the repurposing of the remaining smaller units/buildings. With the success/support of our anchor tenants such as Apples, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, Chase Bank and Dollar General we have leased spaces in as many as six units including unique shops such as Exclusive Balloons, a membership driven wood shop, local contractor services, a local eatery, specialty and seasonal shops with continued interest in the remaining space.

As citizens of Sheffield Lake, your support of the schools has benefitted all children in the Sheffield/Sheffield Lake School District.  Because Sheffield Lake children make up approximately 75% of the student population, your approval of monies for the new buildings has been imperative to our school district’s growth and excellence.

As we continue to implement my first-term, four-year plan for economic recovery and growth, I am pleased to see a stronger and more positive community moving forward.  Plans for continued community activities such as the open house at the Fire Department, food donation drives and festivals help to bring our community together.  Creation of more sidewalks and safer streets help our citizens connect with each other and thus create an even greater feeling of camaraderie.  I will continue to look for new and effective means of communication within our city, such as this website, the text messaging system, kiosks and news boards.  I encourage your participation in all of these areas.

At City Hall we are working together as a team to make positive changes in Sheffield Lake and hope that you, our citizens, are enjoying the changes that are occurring.  Sheffield Lake is alive and well as witnessed in your continued support of city and school funding.  Collectively your support allows leaders to continue to provide a safe and desirable place to call home.  I pledge to continue to work for the good of our beautiful, lakeside community we all call home.

Sincerely,  Mayor Dennis Bring