Making a difference: Officer Brandon Brooks

Officer uses military training to build relationships in community

Officer Brandon Brooks

Police Officer Brandon Brooks recalls the appreciation members of the public showed one of his friends who joined the military after high school graduation. “You put on that uniform and people look up to you,” he said.

Brooks served eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps, attaining the rank of staff sergeant. During his time in the service, he was deployed to the Middle East on the USS America. As a trained communications field wireman, it would have fallen to Brooks to go ashore and establish commuications between forces on the ground if there had been an emergency or attack.

His training helped him develop his own leadership style which served him well when he was in charge of a 60 member platoon. “It’s important to get a feeling for your troops and learn how to interact with everyone, given different personalities and attitudes,” he said, adding he uses his military experience today when interacting with members of the community. “Developing relationships is so important in working with the community.” He said he has enjoyed speaking to groups like the local Girl Scout Daisy Troop. He says his interaction with kids helps them understand, “Police aren’t that bad. They’re pretty cool.”

“You go out there and do your job and people begin to recognize your name. It’s a good feeling to know people have faith in you.”