Police Department launches “Neighbors”

Sheffield Lake is providing its residents another opportunity to communicate and share information about safety issues impacting the city. The program, called Neighbors, was originated by Ring, the video doorbell company. The Police Department administers the program.

The program is open to all residents. They do not have to have a Ring product to participate, says Police Officer Buddy Sivert, who brought the idea to Sheffield Lake when he joined the force last month. Sivert worked 29 years for the Lorain Police Department, which utilizes the program. “We (LPD) found it pretty useful,” Sivert said.

Residents can use the program from their smartphones, tablets, desktop or laptop computers.

Information will be safety-oriented. “This is not Facebook,” Sivert said. Examples of information that will be posted through the program might include warnings about catalytic converter thefts, break ins, lost pets or a prowler or suspicious person. While the department monitors the program, residents are able to post. Sivert said the real idea behind the program is getting the community involved helping each other out. He added police have been able to solve cases because they have gotten helpful information from citizens.

When posting or commenting on Neighbors, an individual’s real identity is not published but the post is made public to other Neighbors users. If anyone shares a post on the app about crime or safety within Sheffield Lake, all registered participants get a notification on the devices they registered. Participants can comment on posts to provide additional information about local safety issues, give tips to avoid affected areas and share photos or videos to help neighbors stay safe and informed.

Sivert emphasized that when anyone sees or suspects a crime is in progress or about to happen that they call 911 first. “That is still the best way to get an immediate response to a potentially dangerous situation.”

For more information about the program or to request an invitation from the PD to participate in the program, email Officer Sivert at esivert@sheffieldlake.net