Recreation Director

Recreation Director Job Description

The Recreation Director oversees the recreational programs offered by the City of Sheffield Lake in our public parks, sports facilities, and the Joyce Hanks Community Center. They plan, organize and direct the administration of recreational programs, activities offered by the City and/or by private citizens who operate on City property. This involves working on publicity and finances for the programs, and managing coaches and other individuals involved in running the activities. The Recreation Director will be headquartered at the Joyce Hanks Community Center and will assume all the duties of the Manager of the Joyce Hanks Community Center including but not limited to:

(a) The Manager of the Community Civic Center shall be responsible for the following:
(1) Operation of the Community Civic Center.
(2) The coordination of activities by and between the various organizations utilizing
the Community Civic Center.
(3) The rental and bookings for the Community Civic Center.
(4) The maintaining of an appropriate environment within the Community Civic Center for the fair and equitable use of those utilizing and/or renting the Community Civic Center.
(b) The Manager shall submit a monthly written report to the Board of Trustees with a
copy to the Council representative to the Community Civic Center which shall be made
available to the City and its administrative and legislative officials which report shall detail the previous month’s expenses, income, activities conducted within the Community Civic Center, and a narrative report of any problems or difficulties that arose within the previous month concerning the operation and/or use of the Community Civic Center.

Recreation Director Duties and Responsibilities

Plan Programs
The Recreation Director will assess the recreational requirements of the community, and plan activity programs that meet those needs. They communicate with community members, and research various sport and recreation programs. They ensure that a variety of sport, recreation and cultural programs are planned and implemented, and over time evaluate the effectiveness of these programs and identify future needs.

The Recreation Director will analyze the feasibility of the current programs and provide support for the growth of successful programs, encourage the improvement of struggling programs, and facilitate the phase-out process of failing programs.

Implement Programs
The Recreation Director will implement recreational programming and ensure that they are being taken advantage of and are successful. They create and manage schedules for activities and facilities. They recruit, train and oversee staff and volunteers. Recreation Directors may also supervise and lead some activities.

Develop and Maintain Budget
The Recreation Director must prepare a recreation program budget and ensure that is adhered to. They will prepare financial and program reports concerning programs, costs, participant numbers and equipment and facility use.

Promote Activities
The Recreation Director will promote the programs under their control through an active community relations campaign. They arrange for advertising of programs, as needed, and maintain constant community engagement.

Coordinate with Local Sports Leagues
Youth sports in Sheffield Lake are shared with residents of Sheffield Village, and they are administered through volunteer work. The Recreation Director will be expected to work as a liaison between the sports club and the City and to act as an informational outlet for these programs.

The Recreation Director shall attend all Parks Board meetings.

Recreation Director Skills

Energetic, flexible and a strategic thinker, successful Recreation Directors can plan well and juggle many responsibilities. They are good communicators, with a passion for serving and working with and leading all kinds of people. In addition to these general skills and personality traits, employers are seeking Recreation Director candidates with the following skills.

Core skills:.
Experience with events coordination and planning
Proficient with Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel & Publisher
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Physical fitness
Team and management skills
Effective decision-making and negotiation skills

Advanced skills: Not required but preferred
Knowledge of emergency procedures, First Aid and CPR
Knowledge of the management and operation of recreation facilities and equipment
Understanding of coaching theory and practice

Recreation Director Compensation

The Recreation Director will be part-time employment. No benefit package will be provided by the City. Additional compensation may be available for grant-writing.