Refurbished fire truck makes debut

The city is showing off its newly refurbished Engine 61. It recently underwent a complete vinyl wrap.

The work was done by Gorilla Graphics of Brunswick whose custom graphic work can be seen on racing cars, food trucks, buses, service and sales vans of many companies as well as emergency vehicles.

Cost for the wrap was $8,400. This compares to $60,000 to paint it. Sheffield Lake had Engine 63 vinyl wrapped three years ago. Firefighters said the vinyl wrap has worn well, with no peeling. In addition, if a part of the truck is dinged, a small vinyl replacement piece is made and applied over the ding, again at significant savings.

Mayor Dennis Bring said the city saved $100,000 using the vinyl wrap process on the two fire trucks. “This will add years to the useful life of both fire engines,” he said. A new fire pumper truck costs over $500,000, he added.

Sheffield Lake appears to be the only local fire department that utilizes this proces to extend the life of equipment.