Request for Statement of Qualifications

The City of Sheffield Lake is soliciting Statements of Qualification from Engineering, Architectural, Environmental, and Real Estate Firms for consideration in selecting qualified firm(s) to potentially perform future contract work in the City of Sheffield Lake.  Statements should include the following, at a minimum:

  1.   How long your firm has been in business;
  2.   Location of main headquarters, as well as any satellite locations (if applicable);
  3. Location of the office that would primarily be performing work for the City of Sheffield  Lake;
  4. Any ODOT Pre-Qualifications;
  5. Name and resume of point of contact;
  6. Names and resumes of key staff;
  7. Any other information that may be helpful to the City of Sheffield Lake in evaluating qualifications.

Typical services that may be required include bicycle facilities and enhancement design; roadway design; traffic engineering including studies and reports, and design of traffic and pedestrian signals; structural engineering including vertical design; lighting design; R/W plans and legal descriptions; environmental studies and reports;  R/W acquisition services including appraisals, negotiations, and closings;  and geotechnical engineering including geotechnical exploration, reports, and recommendations as well as materials testing services for construction projects. 

 Statements of Qualification should be single-sided and limited to no more than twenty (20) pages in length, exclusive of the transmittal letter.  It is not necessary for submitting firms to perform all the services listed; submitting firms should submit their Statement of Qualification for those services which they do perform.  Statements of Qualification shall remain on file with the City for one (1) year.  Interested firms should submit two (2) hard copies of their Statement of Qualification by 4:00 P.M. on March 16, 2020 to the following address:

Patrick Hastings, Superintendent
City of Sheffield Lake
609 Harris Road
Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054