Resident input sought for newest phase of Connectivity Project

Sheffield Lake proposes to install eight foot wide sidewalks in specific sections along Lake Road at the west side of the city as part of the multiphase Lakefront Connectivity Plan.

A sidewalk is proposed to run on the south side of Lake from Brookside Trail to Joyce Hanks Community Center.

The sidewalk on the north side of Lake running in front of the community center will be replaced and a flashing beacon will be installed there to facilitate pedestrian crossing in front of the center.

In order to complete this work, the city will need to acquire new and/or temporary right of way and/or easements from certain parcels.

This project, which is primarily grant funded, is slated for Spring 2025. During that time, traffic on Lake Road will be maintained.

Resident comments about the proposed work can be made by October 20 to Service Director Patrick Hastings via U.S. mail at 609 Harris Road, Sheffield Lake OH 44054; by phone (440) 949-6259 or email

The Lakefront Connectivity Plan was initiated six years ago. Its goals were to create opportunities for people to access Lake Erie; promote economic development for Sheffield Lake as well as Avon Lake, Lorain and Vermilion; and promote healthy outdoor activities for all residents including walking, running and bike riding. Earlier competed phases of the project have seen improvements made to north-south roads across the city, resurfacing of Lake Road and installation of sidewalks and traffic signal along portions of Lake near the shopping center and Shoreway shopping center.