Streets slated for repaving this year

Fifteen streets will be repaved this summer and early fall.

They include:

1. Forestlawn Ave. from East Dr. to Lake Breeze

2. Devonshire West from Devonshire to end

3. Dillewood from Forestlawn south to end

4. South Dr. from Lake Breeze to West Dr.

5. Oliver from Ferndale North to Hawthorne

6. Tennyson from Lake Breeze to Howell

7. Holl from Lake Breeze to Sheffield

8. Knickerbocker from Lake Breeze to Sheffield

9. Sheffield from Ferndale South to Belle

10.Grantwood from Richelieu to Ferndale

11. Hollywood from Ivanhoe to Ferndale

12. Sunset from Ferndale South to End

13. Maplewood from Richelieu to Ferndale

14. Northwood from Irving Park Blvd. to end

15. Rowelyn from Lake Rd. to Ivanhoe