We’re Seeking Comments on Lake Road Culvert Replacements

The City of Sheffield Lake is proposing to replace two (2) culverts under Lake Road (U.S. 6). One is located west of Lafayette Boulevard and the other is located west of Elm Street. Construction will include a widened sidewalk, pavement replacement, and lawn restoration. In order for the project to be completed, new permanent right-of-way and/or easements will need to be acquired from 9 parcels, as well as temporary right-of-way from 6 parcels in the project area.

Traffic will be detoured for approximately 60 days during construction. The detour route currently established will be S.R. 301, S.R. 611, and S.R. 57. Pedestrian traffic will also be maintained. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2022.

Comments concerning the proposed project may be sent by mail to Patrick Hastings, Superintendent, City of Sheffield Lake, 609 Harris Road, Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054; by phone at 440-949-6259; or by email to [email protected]. Any comments must be received by October 30, 2020.

The environmental review, consultation, and other actions required by applicable Federal environmental laws for this project are being, or have been, carried out by ODOT pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 327 and a Memorandum of Understanding dated June 6, 2018, and executed by FHWA and ODOT.