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Building Department

The Building Department serves to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and to enhance the general quality of life through enforcement of the City of Sheffield Lake ordinances. The Department is certified by the Ohio Board of Building Standards.

We do have a POS (Point of Sale) inspection for all transferred properties. Sidewalks must be installed and/or in good condition as part of the POS inspection. If sidewalks are needed, money is to be escrowed with the City of Sheffield Lake.

All new or altered projects and rental properties require permits and inspections. All Contractors must be registered with the Building Department. Any additional questions will be answered by Building Inspector Jon Wiblin at (440)949-5767 or by fax (440)949-6331.

Notice to Roofers : The City of Sheffield Lake requires contractor registration, roofing permit and inspection

Backflow Inspection Reports must be filed annually, signed by a registered, licensed backflow Inspector and filed with the Sheffield Lake Water Department. For information please call Tom Erwin, Sheffield Lake Water Department 440-949-6259



Contractor Registration application

 Point of Sale

Rental Property Registration

Residential Building Permit Application

Second page; HVAC, plumbing, electric

Zoning Board of Appeals application

City of Sheffield Lake Official Zoning Map  

updated August29,2011